The main aim of Healthcare Studies is to offer exchange students the possibility to opt for a full semester programme.

Spring semester 2019–2020: Start 3 February 2020

Healthcare Studies is modular-based. This facilitates students to opt for a compulsory versus an optional, an interprofessional versus a professional and a common part versus a tailor-made part, based on professional interest. Read more

Students start their programme with a compulsory interprofessional module, and choose at least one other module, whether or not in combination with a period of clinical placement.

Clinical placement is organized for:

  • 6 ECTS (4 weeks)
  • 9 ECTS (6 weeks)
  • 12 ECTS (8 weeks)
  • 15 ECTS (10 weeks)

Minimum requirements

Students applying should have obtained at least 120 credits in healthcare studies and should have obtained a B2 level in English and be able to participate in a professional discussion and express themselves fluently in English.


The different modules are free for students from partner universities or university colleges.

  • All other students pay 242,80 EUR + 11,60 per credit.
  • Non-European students pay 845,00 EUR + 47,50 EUR per credit. 

Course overview (ECTS)