Dutch language courses

We are convinced that a successful integration of exchange students, certainly if they are involved in practical placements, also depends on their knowledge of the language and culture of their host country. 

Dutch courses on different levels

Students are also offered the possibility to participate in regular Dutch courses on different levels and at different dates.

Enrolment: IN-Gent ( Kongostraat 42, 9000 Gent). No online application possible.

Duration of the courses : 3,5 hours / 2 times a week / locatiothroughout 10 weeks

Location of the courses: Het Perspectief PCVO, Henleykaai 83, 9000 Gent

Cost: 48 EUR + 21,10 EUR course materials

During your application as an exchange student you will be able to indicate if you would like to follow a Dutch language course. 

Some international programmes include a tailor-made language and culture course integrated in the programme. These language courses are compulsory!