It’s nice to know that you will come to Ghent to study. The Artevelde University College Student Services hope you will enjoy your stay. Everything you need to know about accommodation in Ghent is to be found in these pages. Please read the information below carefully, in order to be well prepared for a pleasant stay.

If you have more questions concerning accommodation, please contact: Service Accommodation, Hoogpoort 15, B-9000 Gent, BELGIUM.
TEL: + 32 9 234 92 16, e-mail

From Tuesday 13th June 2017 (from 9 AM) you will be able to apply online for a room or studio.

Opening hours accommodation service:

Please make an appointment:

ATTENTION: we are closed during weekends and holidays: Autumn holidays, Christmas holidays, Spring holidays, Easter holidays and Summer holidays. If you arrive in Ghent during the collective holidays, or on Saturdays and Sundays, you are responsible for accommodation yourself: search for housing in Ghent. The accommodation service and the international coordinator of your department can be contacted again the next working day.

Overview of available rooms

By clicking on this link (Dutch website) you find an overview of rooms which were put online by students who are going abroad for a short period.

Find a room

Find a room at or for questions about rental laws, quality of living, rights and obligations of landlords and so on. Kotatgent is a housing service of the City of Ghent and works in collaboration with our University College.

ATTENTION: be aware of internet fraud! Especially when you find an offer via Facebook. In case of doubt, please contact our housing department in advance.

Important notes

1. What can you expect from the housing offer?

2. You sign the rental agreement: your rights and duties!

  • It is in your advantage to read the rental agreement carefully before signing.
  • We ask you to pay a room and key deposit before hand, as well as two months rental fee.
  • Report problems immediately to the accommodation service. For instance, if something is damaged or if you have noticed odour nuisance,...
  • If you wish to stay longer than agreed upon in the rental agreement, consult the housing office as soon as possible!

3. End of the rental agreement.

  • Contact or +32 9 234 92 16 (office) to make an appointment so the room can be inspected on the day of your departure.
  • You have to leave the room before 10 o'clock.
  • If the room is cleaned, the material box is complete, the furniture is not damaged and the keys delivered, the deposit will be transferred to your bank account.

4. Daily life information

5. What you also should know: